Join us for The Cantina Wine Mixer!

Yes, The CANTINA.. Wine Mixer!

Saturday starts at 4 PM.

Variety Pack goes on at 6 PM. They will be performing 80’s Joel,

Por ti volare, maybe even a drum solo & much more!

DJ HOTNIX goes on @ 10 PM on the patio for the after party!

Attire for the after party: something you would wear on the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria. 😉

Sunday starts at noon and runs until 4 PM.

Johnny Vann, Mark Smith & Friends will be returning to DiMarco’s for a lovely Sunday afternoon of wine tasting & jazz music!

We even have a few wineries joining us!

On Saturday, J&D Cellars will be here with their wine slushies. Thistlewaite Vineyards & Romano & Adamo Winery will be providing samples and will have their wine available for purchase.

J&D Cellars and Thistlewaite Vineyards will return on Sunday.

We will also have samples available from several other wineries from across PA!

A menu will be available with items designed to be paired with your favorite reds & whites!