On November 19, 2008 DiMarco’s Bistro & Cantina was purchased by Chris Johnson & Jarred Volek, both from Uniontown, PA. Under the previous ownership, DiMarco’s was very successful by providing customers with a very fulfilling experience and literally, you would not leave hungry. They did this by serving only the highest quality and freshest ingredients in large portions for a very reasonable price. Today, that tradition continues. As the old saying goes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and we haven’t. We have only tried to make things better than they already were. With some upgrades, and a little bit of TLC, we have come a very long way in 2 years.

We have taken the time to find out what the customer wants, and at the end of the day, that’s really who this is all about, isn’t it? Right. Our focus is to make your experience at DiMarco’s an exceptional one. We are anything but silent owners and we want to be very hands on. During your visit, chances are one of us are roaming around the building an either in the kitchen assisting in preparing your meal, or perhaps down at the bar or in the dining room talking to customers.

The Business

DiMarco’s is divided into 2 major sections. We have a 2 story bar on one side and a dining room on the other side, separated by glass doors and a wall, the dining room remains private for a more relaxing dinner. Not that our bar isn’t something to brag about , it’s one of the finer looking bars around. We are able to accommodate 40 different draft beers, consisting of imports, crafts, seasonals, and domestics, along with all of your favorite domestic bottles, and over 100 different liquors including a wide assortment of aged scotches. With nearly every inch of the interior draped in hard wood and brick, it really makes for a very cozy & relaxing experience.

Our first floor bar – or the Main Bar as it is referred to has three HD Plasma Televisions and an HD Projector that shoots a beautiful image on our wall. You won’t miss one touchdown, goal, or homerun on these screens!

Our Second Floor Bar or the Upstairs Bar as people call it – has three HD Plasma Televisions. A scaled down version of our main bar, still nothing to be upset about, this bar houses all of your favorite bottles and the most popular liquors. Described by many as a loft, this is a very cozy area in the winter where customers like to come and hang out around the fire place and throw darts or just to talk about all of the local gossip!

The History

Our building was built in 1899 -1900. There are some exterior photos of a building floating around with a statue in front. Mable at the fountain is the name of the statue. What most people don’t know is the building that sits behind the statue that looks exactly like our building and is actually a sister building that sat diagonally across the street from our building.

There isn’t much history in the books about our building so we have relied on stories and old memories from town locals. We know that before us, were the actual DiMarco family and the Restaurant and Bar as it is today. Before them, it was a Night club called Anthony’s Pub. Most people don’t know that below our dining room is an underground bar. The dining room floor was put in when the DiMarco’s took over in 2000. We do open it occasionally for different events such as entertainment on a weekend or for a private party. We also know that before Anthony’s it was a sporting goods store called Dice’s. We have since found out that the 3rd floor was used for apartments.

Just like any old building, in any old town we have our own ghost stories and experiences. Currently we believe we have at least two women, a man, and a child – not related to each other. YIKES! In early 2010 we had the Pittsburgh Paranormal Society come in and do a complete investigation. While we understand that not everyone believes in this, all we say is – spend some time alone in here and you’ll see. There are things that go bump in the night – and a few of them reside at DiMarco’s.